Not going to cry

!! Not going to cry !!

The story starts with the rainy season,
Friendship grows into love for no reason,
A beautiful girl and a handsome guy,
its touching, but I am not going to cry!

They had a common enemy & shared the same friends
laughing-chatting-fighting, but this is not how it ends
The guy steps out for his journey,
The girl waves him good bye,
Well it will sound funny,
but the very moment he falls in love.. poor guy

By the time he realizes this, a couple of days fly by
he was already on his road & the feeling, too strong to deny
He decides to turn back and let his words comply
He opens his heart infront of her and proposes under the blue sky!

Arms open, hopes alive- waits for days to get the reply,
In the end, with a sweet smile -says ‘NO’- the cutie pie
The guy is hurt, So as me. but neither of us is going to cry
Off course its touching, but “I am not going to cry!”

—-copyright ©2010 Daideepya Bhosale.


I am Making an Come back on 18th july 2010, with my new poem!

Thank you,
Daideepya Bhosale

Award for you

Hello friends!
It has been nearly 3 weeks sharing your precious company, but I feel like i was always the part of This circle, frm years!
And in the mean time my friends were very generous to me and honored me with many awards! Thank you all … and Remember .. I love u all….
Ever since i received my first award on my blog, I was thinking of giving away some award designed by me to some bloggers close to my heart…and they are those, who helped me out, supported me and motivated my each move on my blog….
Friends these Awards are for you….

#1 The most Versatile Blogger Award

The Most versatile bloggers are!






Rules For acceptance for this award!
(1) Pass it to 5 of your versatile friends.
(2) Answer these:

(a) What is the thing you love to do the most (except blogging and writing)?
(b) Tell us what did u dreamed to be, when you were 12 yrs?

#2 Most supportive Friend Award

I present it to:






Rule For acceptance:

Present it to all those who you think have been supportive towards ur work, Who cares for your input.
((If you are confused, have a look at the list of the people who comment regularly on ur Posts))

Yeahhhhhhhh! yes the first one …..
For which i had been waiting for is finally with me……
The Perfect Poet award at Jingle’s Thursday Poets rally for week 13…..
I m very happy tat I m honoured last week with this much dreamed award!
I thank Jingle and all my other Poet friends for encouraging me to write more and thank you all for your love and support! I love you all 🙂

And I nominate Wordwand for this weeks award…

And here comes my poem for this week’s rally…

I m Sorry!
I never dreamed about this all..
I never thought you will make me fall

I was never ready for this pain
I didn’t mean for it to happen

You were fooling me and I let you do
Is this the reward for loving you

may be doing what you did was wrong,
may be doing what I will do is right

I wish I could mend it and make it alright
But all I can do is get drunk tonight

At the end of the day,
only one thing left to say:
I m sorry!
I m sorry….
Now go away.

Mumbai Indians

A Hinglish (English-Hindi Mix) Poem,
Dedicated to All Supporters of Mumbai Indians (an IPL team)
!!!! Enjoy !!!!

      !! Mumbai Indians !!

      Cricket ka sarkaar,
      Sachin Tendulkar.
      Jab maare wo runs in hazaar,
      Opponents ki sure hai haar.
      uss ke baad form mein aae Tiwari,
      Kisi bhi team par pad jae bhari.
      Jab ball maare Pollard,
      duur jae wo thousand yards.
      Harbhajan jab daale spin,
      Ball ko toh ghusna he hain in.
      Malinga ke yorker and slow bouncer,
      Baadh jae saamnewale pe pressure.
      Kamaal hai zaheer ki bhi seam,
      Ye hai anokhi Mumbai Indians ki Team.

    ****Written with contribution from a Friend(Rushil)****

“Men Of Honor”

We are Men of Honor
We follow every order
We believe in sacrifice, we believe in peace
We fight every enemy, untill they cease

    We are Lieutenants, we are Generals
    We are Jawans and even the soldiers
    We are men in uniform, lethal in all form
    Medals on chest, stars on our shoulder
    Discipline to the par, we follow every order
    coz we are men of honor

We shoot to kill, we fire at will
we are prepared to fight the foe in every season
we even face the hell, for our heavenly reason
we fight in water, we fight in air
we fight in jungles, peace is all we care

    We leave our homes, we leave our family
    To defend the nation, and its glory
    When the duty calls, we rush to every corner
    Ready positions and alert at the border
    we are men of honor,
    we follow every order,
    even to the peril of our lives…
    coz Bravery is in our blood
    and we are MEN OF HONOR

………..Proud to be an Army man…….

———Daideepya Bhosale

Hello Friends, this is my poem “Yet Again” for Jingle’s Thursday poet’s rally… sorry for being late… & thanks to jingle for giving me the “sweetest poet” award to me for my poem the last week. Read n Enjoy

Yet Again

Yet again my life has come to a standstill,
Yet again I can feel the cold wave and its chill.

Yet again, I seem to be left alone & all alone by myself,
Yet again I am dying in my inbuilt shell.

Yet again the world seems to be hollow,
Yet again the solitude is too hard for me to swallow.

Yet again my life is like a struggling fire,
Yet again I try to catch a bird which keep flying higher.

Yet again I feel the sand slipping from my hand,
Yet again I find it gone even before I had the chance.

Yet again, I try to collect the broken pieces of my life,
Yet again, I am left alone to wade through my lost fight.

Yet again, I try to console my bickering soul,
Yet again my life is in the same turmoil.

Yet again I am in search of someones support,
So that I can jump the wall of my inbuilt fort.