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Yeahhhhhhhh! yes the first one …..
For which i had been waiting for is finally with me……
The Perfect Poet award at Jingle’s Thursday Poets rally for week 13…..
I m very happy tat I m honoured last week with this much dreamed award!
I thank Jingle and all my other Poet friends for encouraging me to write more and thank you all for your love and support! I love you all 🙂

And I nominate Wordwand for this weeks award…

And here comes my poem for this week’s rally…

I m Sorry!
I never dreamed about this all..
I never thought you will make me fall

I was never ready for this pain
I didn’t mean for it to happen

You were fooling me and I let you do
Is this the reward for loving you

may be doing what you did was wrong,
may be doing what I will do is right

I wish I could mend it and make it alright
But all I can do is get drunk tonight

At the end of the day,
only one thing left to say:
I m sorry!
I m sorry….
Now go away.


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All I have got is Attitude!

If you are looking for a reason to love me. Then I’m sorry, I don’t have one.

If you think that I’m well-behaved and I’m kind. Then I advice you: take a closer look and think again.

If you find that I always throw my attitude. Hey you are right: say it loud and say it again.

If you feel that I’m not well spoken and I don’t respect women. I don’t care say what ever, I know you are insane.

If you find me a flirt and non committed. Then it’s not your mistake baby, many of them have quoted.

If you tell me that I’m selfish and rude. well yes! I live with that kind of attitude.

If you are still looking for a reason to love me. Then I’m really sorry, I don’t have one.

But If you still love me for sure?. You got me Girl, I’m already your.

—-Copyright © 2010 Daideepya Bhosale

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