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A Hinglish (English-Hindi Mix) Poem,
Dedicated to All Supporters of Mumbai Indians (an IPL team)
!!!! Enjoy !!!!

      !! Mumbai Indians !!

      Cricket ka sarkaar,
      Sachin Tendulkar.
      Jab maare wo runs in hazaar,
      Opponents ki sure hai haar.
      uss ke baad form mein aae Tiwari,
      Kisi bhi team par pad jae bhari.
      Jab ball maare Pollard,
      duur jae wo thousand yards.
      Harbhajan jab daale spin,
      Ball ko toh ghusna he hain in.
      Malinga ke yorker and slow bouncer,
      Baadh jae saamnewale pe pressure.
      Kamaal hai zaheer ki bhi seam,
      Ye hai anokhi Mumbai Indians ki Team.

    ****Written with contribution from a Friend(Rushil)****

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Hello Friends, this is my poem “Yet Again” for Jingle’s Thursday poet’s rally… sorry for being late… & thanks to jingle for giving me the “sweetest poet” award to me for my poem the last week. Read n Enjoy

Yet Again

Yet again my life has come to a standstill,
Yet again I can feel the cold wave and its chill.

Yet again, I seem to be left alone & all alone by myself,
Yet again I am dying in my inbuilt shell.

Yet again the world seems to be hollow,
Yet again the solitude is too hard for me to swallow.

Yet again my life is like a struggling fire,
Yet again I try to catch a bird which keep flying higher.

Yet again I feel the sand slipping from my hand,
Yet again I find it gone even before I had the chance.

Yet again, I try to collect the broken pieces of my life,
Yet again, I am left alone to wade through my lost fight.

Yet again, I try to console my bickering soul,
Yet again my life is in the same turmoil.

Yet again I am in search of someones support,
So that I can jump the wall of my inbuilt fort.

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